6 Essential Kitchen Storage Accessories

Kitchen storage accessories - pullout pantries

Kitchen renovations are by far one of the most popular home improvements. Not only does a kitchen remodel offer one of the highest returns on investment, but as one of the most utilized spaces in your home, your new kitchen will provide you with enjoyment like no other home improvement.

There are many aspects that contribute to a well-designed, functional kitchen, but high on the list of priorities should be practical kitchen storage accessories. Trust me when I say that you don’t have to be an obsessive organizer to find peace and tranquility in a well-organized cutlery drawer!

There are definitely some “must have” kitchen storage accessories to consider for your remodel. Considering all the money you are going to spend on cabinets, countertops, etc, why skimp on the things that will bring you to a state of organizational bliss?

1. Drawer organizers.

Top of the priority list! The best drawer organizers are those that are cut to exactly fit. A cutlery organizer is a no-brainer, but also consider a utensil organizer for your cooking utensils, and a spice drawer organizer so that you can find your herbes de provence without having to rifle through a bunch of little jars on a shelf.

2. Pantry storage.

Typically a pantry will be 24” deep and contain lots boxes, bags, and cans. Trying to find that bag of brown sugar at the back, behind the flour, baking powder, white sugar, etc, etc can be a true pain in the behind. My favourite solution is a pantry pullout with the cabinet door attached. You pull on the door and pull out the full contents of your pantry, visible and accessible on both sides. Another option would be roll-out trays, which are basically drawers inside your pantry that allow you to pull out the contents shelf-by-shelf so as to reach the items at the back.

3. Pullout garbage/recyling.

Gone are the days of keeping a small garbage can under your sink (small because there is not much room with all that plumbing) and a recycling bin by your back door. Now you can quickly and easily dispose of all of your recyclable and non-recyclable waste. A pullout bin system strategically placed in your clean-up area (I like to put it on one side of the sink, with the dishwasher on the other) means you can conveniently dispose of your food scraps and empty boxes, bags, and cans while you work in your kitchen. And everything stays clean and hidden away.

4. Pullout storage in base cabinets.

Have you ever had to get on your hands and knees to dig around for your slow cooker in the back of one of your bottom cabinets? Bad for your knees and your back, not to mention your frustration level. The roll-out tray concept is a great option here again. I have a base cabinet with all my small appliances on two roll-out trays. I simply pull them out and have easy access to everything I need.

5. Corner storage.

Another example of a cabinet that often forces you to get on your hands and knees and dig around for things. Lazy Susans are popular kitchen storage accessories, or for another really cool option, check out the options for blind corner pullouts.

6. Undersink storage.

Last but not least – you want to address that difficult area under the sink. With all the plumbing in the way, it is often difficult to utilize this space effectively. Thankfully there are some great undersink storage accessories that have been specially designed to fit around all those pipes.

Your new kitchen should not only look good, but also function well. Incorporating some of these essential kitchen storage accessories is sure bring you mental peace and harmony.

(To see some of the storage accessories we have incorporated into our kitchen projects, have a look at our Houzz page)

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