About You

At Casa Flores Cabinetry, our business is all about you.

Your Style

Whether you are looking for classic, contemporary, or rustic, we can suggest door styles, finishes and decorative accessories that will reflect your style.

Rather than show you a pre-determined range of door styles and colours, we will review photos and ideabooks with you to determine the look and style that appeal to you and we will design your cabinetry around these.

All of our cabinets are custom finished, so feel free to select any colour. People often bring samples of their hardwood flooring, so that we can create a complementary colour for their cabinetry. Want a hutch that matches your dining set? No problem. We have even built toolbox-red cabinets for a child’s room!

Your Space

You do not have a cookie-cutter space, and our cabinets do not come out of a catalogue.

Many spaces pose challenges that mass-produced cabinets simply cannot tackle creatively. Because stock cabinets come in a limited range of sizes and configurations, they may not maximize your available space. Ultimately, working with stock cabinetry requires compromising on the features that may be most important to you.

Before we design your cabinetry, we meet with you in your home where we can see first-hand your space requirements. Through discussions with you, we uncover how the space is used, what items need to be stored, and how the space currently does and does not meet your needs.

Then we build your cabinets exactly to fit, with clever storage systems that maximize every inch.

Your Budget

Everyone has a budget for their project. Whether your budget is high or low, we will discuss the materials and construction that will best suit your requirements. We can incorporate top-of-the-line hardware and cutting-edge accessories, or we can recommend materials and finishes to meet a more modest budget.

Your Time

We’re available when you’re available. We do not maintain fixed office hours, as this allows us the flexibility to meet with you according to your schedule.

Your Standards

It goes without saying that you expect a high quality product.

Our cabinets are designed to not only look good and work well, but also to last a lifetime. We use only high-quality lumber and hardware, and each of our pieces is hand-built and finished by skilled craftspeople. Durable construction methods ensure that your pieces will stand the test of time.

As a small custom shop, we offer the ultimate in quality control, as we can inspect and test each and every piece to ensure it meets your high standards.

We would be pleased to make an appointment with you to visit our showroom, where we can demonstrate the qualities that set our cabinets apart.